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Daylighting enhances Hub Group’s LEED Gold headquarters

Published on 10 Dec 2015Written by Amanda Sawit Posted in Industry

When the Hub Group, one of the leading freight transportation companies in the United States, started building its new headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois, they knew they wanted to achieve LEED certification.

Completed in December 2013, the 141,000-square-foot, four-story building is LEED Gold—designed to harmonize human health and performance with the environment.

Built to echo the company’s corporate culture, brand and commitment to sustainability, the building’s design needed to balance occupant well-being with efficiency. In keeping with these objectives, architect Solomon Cordwell Buenz sought to optimize daylighting, or the controlled admission of natural light into a space.

Enter Hunter Douglas’ RB 500 motorized roller shades, which, along with intelligent motor controls, helped shape the look of the new headquarters. The RB 500 roller shade system creates a visually dynamic environment while managing daylight and reducing glare and solar heat gain within the space—ensuring occupant comfort throughout the day while reducing total building energy costs.

Daylit environments are proven to increase occupant productivity and comfort, providing the mental and visual stimulation necessary to regulate human circadian rhythms. From an energy use standpoint, natural light can replace electric lighting for up to 80 percent of daylight hours, representing lower energy costs and, by extension, reduced pollution from fossil fuel-based power plants.

The RB 500 roller shades were deemed the optimal solution based on their architectural design, ease of operation, durability and versatile Cradle to Cradle Certified™ fabrics. The intelligent programming system, installed by Indecor, Inc., supports custom applications, including large and angular windows, and is outfitted with an advanced weather station that enables shades to position themselves appropriately based on angles of sunlight.

As Hunter Douglas continues to push the envelope in developing and delivering solutions to address green design challenges, clients like the Hub Group are willing to embrace unconventional or new technology because it positively affects the triple bottom line.

Amanda Sawit

Content Specialist U.S. Green Building Council

USGBC staff


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