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There are plenty of ways you can make every day Earth Day.  Improve your own small part of the planet by considering these suggestions for spring-cleaning, garden preparation and home improvements:

* Purchase non-toxic cleaning products.  Use natural fiber sponges and cleaning agents that are biodegradable, phosphate-free, chlorine-free and unscented.

* Reduce paper use.  Use rags instead of paper towels; cloth napkins instead of paper ones.  Buy post-consumer recycled paper and recycle it when you’ve used it.

* Refurbish responsibly.  Use water-based or vegetable-based paints, stains, and varnishes.  Don’t wash paint thinners, household cleaners, oil or pesticides down the drain or pour them on the ground; use them up, give leftovers to friends or a charity, or dispose at your local toxic waste disposal center.

* Repair instead of replace.  Reupholster furniture.  Resole your shoes.

* Replace disposable goods with renewable ones.  Buy rechargeable batteries.  Use dishes instead of paper plates.

* Plant for the planet.  Strengthen your garden’s resistance to pests by planting resilient plants, by rotating the fruits and vegetables you plant, and by attracting friendly bugs to prey on the pesky ones.


USGBC Indiana promotes tree planting on Earth Day

Published on 14 Jul 2016Written by Hannah Fleck , Anna Waggoner Posted in Community

The public got a chance to hug a tree with USGBC Indiana on Earth Day.

The national Earth Day Network movement challenged citizens to do really big stuff for our planet this year and moving forward.  Earth Day Network is coming up on 50 years of the modern environmental movement that continues to inspire and motivate people to take action.

In anticipation of the momentous occasion, Earth Day Network launched a bold initiative that will encourage people to take action in their local communities and carry the message forward. The 2016 theme was “Trees for the Earth.” As a first step, National Earth Day has set a goal to plant 7.8 billion trees by 2020.

USGBC Indiana Central Branch decided to embrace this challenge with a local Earth Day 2016 slogan, “Hug A Tree with Me.”  The Central Branch sponsored a booth at Earth Day Indiana, and in an effort to encourage booth traffic, the branch undertook creating a “Tree Mascot” for the event.

Our Tree Mascot was a very popular attraction at Earth Day Indiana, and we received over 600 tree hugs and handed out over 700 stickers with the “Hug a Tree” logo, as well as posing for photos with good deal of visitors in the park. Participants were asked to hug a tree and post their photos on Facebook, as well to expand our message into the community.

Central Branch also had 250 tree saplings with planting instructions, and by the end of the day, had distributed all of them for free to tree huggers around Indianapolis. All in all, the event was a smashing success, and we recruited more than a few environmentalists to the cause of Earth Day.

Anna Waggoner

Anna M. Waggoner Architect, Owner

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