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DC proves to be a hub for green roofs

Published on 25 Jun 2015Written by Nora Knox

Put simply a green roof is roofing system with vegetation; a green roof is often also known as a vegetated roof or a living roof.

These roofs can be found on a variety of building types, including both commercial and residential buildings—and the roof may be partially or completely covered with vegetation. The primary requirement is that the roof includes waterproofing and drainage features, which assist in the management of storm water.

Green roofs offer a lot of value to a building, including offering occupants a peaceful escape. USGBC staff recently toured the green roof of the World Wildlife Fund and they were so impressed. There are also major technical and economic benefits of green roofs, and the benefits are even more impactful in cities where there are a large number of buildings and there is so much rooftop surface area.

As such DC recognized these benefits in the early 2000s and began offering financial incentives to building owners to support the development of green roofs in DC.  This support has helped contribute to the creation of more than 240 green roofs across the city, which represent 54 acres and 2,365,480 total square footage (as of January 2015).

There are a wide variety of benefits associated with the installation of a green roof.

Nora Knox

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